STORMOR PACK 2, Brace kit 1

PartNumber: STORMOR PACK 2
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STORMOR PACK 2, Brace kit 1
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4 200 × = 4 200


Stormor Shelving Accessories

Shelf Pack 1

Extra pack of 6 shelves 1000x300 mm
Shelf Clips x 24

Shelf Pack 2

Extra pack of 6 shelves 1000x450 mm
Shelf Clips x 24

Rear brace kit (x2)
Nuts and Bolts (x2)

Brace Pack 1 (To fit 1850H Frames) Consists of:

Brace Pack 2 (To fit 2150H Frames) Consists of:

Rear brace kit (x3)
Nuts and Bolts (x3)

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Stormor Mono Shelving
All the benefits of different types of steel shelving have been combined in this truly versatile and interchangeable system.Shelves and storage accessories are a common fitting to all frame styles – so you can adapt your shelving as future needs change without worrying about compatibility. Accessories feature clip-in fitting so that any changes are quickly and easily made., These medium duty shelves offer a weight capacity of 70kg per shelf however back bracing is required to give the system additional rigidity and stability., Shelving BioCote protected. BioCote is a proven, patent protected paint additive which inhibits the growth of micro-organisms - some potentially lethal - on surfaces. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination from surfaces with high contact frequency.

Корпуса, шкафы и приспособления для хранения / Оборудование для мастерских и складов / Системы стеллажей /
RS Grey Steel Stormor Shelving System, 450mm

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