SV231DDVDUA, 2 Port VGA Dual Display U

PartNumber: SV231DDVDUA
Ном. номер: 8026174604
Производитель: STARTECH
SV231DDVDUA, 2 Port VGA Dual Display U
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2 Port DVI VGA Dual Monitor KVM Switch USB with Audio and USB 2.0 Hub
The SV231DDVDUA 2-port Dual Monitor KVM Switch (DVI+VGA) offers a complete multimedia switching solution, letting users control two Dual Display computers using a single USB mouse and keyboard peripheral set.

With support for high-resolution video interfaces, this dual view KVM switch provides one VGA (analog) and one
DVI-I port per computer connection, as well as audio switching capability between connected computers.

Delivering versatility for virtually any application, the DVI/VGA KVM switch features an integrated 2-port USB hub that allows connected USB 2.0 peripherals to be shared between connected computers, eliminating the need to purchase duplicate peripherals.

Direct channel selection and operation using front panel push-button or keyboard hotkeys
Supports a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200
OS independent (no drivers or software required)
Independent or simultaneous audio switching
Full support for plug-n-play peripherals
Rugged, all-metal chassis for use in harsh environments
USB style keyboard and mouse, plus two other USB peripherals can be shared between up to two computers
Tone indicator for computer switching
Selectable time intervals for auto scan


Perfect solution for desktops, workstations and servers with both VGA and DVI-digital ports, allowing a user to take advantage of dual monitor configurations
Ideal for financial/banking industries, graphic designers, engineers, multi-media designers, and industries using CAD/CAM applications, where high resolution dual monitor units are needed
Suitable for use in environments with electromagnetic interference, based on sturdy metal design
Versatile support for setups where one machine is DVI & VGA, and the other is VGA & VGA (with available adapters)

This KVM switch supports DVI-D (digital) signaling only and it is recommended wherever possible to use DVI-D cabling across all PC to KVM and KVM to Console connections to ensure proper function.


Компьютерная периферия / KVM, USB, видео разветвители и удлинители / KVM переключатели /
Startech KVM Switch, DVI, USB, VGA 2 port

Технические параметры

163 x 100 x 57mm
число портов
Maximum Resolution
1920 x 1200pixels
Audio Support
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SV231DDVDUA Data Sheet
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