T0051382499, 2x Steelwool for WDC

PartNumber: T0051382499
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Производитель: Weller
T0051382499, 2x Steelwool for WDC
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WDC Dry Cleaner for Soldering Tips

Spiral wool solder stripper, for removing the oxide layer from soldering tips
Especially for use with lead-free solder
Can be soaked with an adequate amount of flux
WDC 2 special for use with WDH safety arrests, Stock No. 505-2208 ff.
Replacement spiral wool available in 2-count pack

Soldering Tools/ Accessories

Инструмент / Паяльный инструмент / Принадлежности для чистки паяльника /
2x Steelwool for WDC

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Weller WDC Tip Dry Cleaning System
Metal Wool

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Replacement Brass Wool Ball for WDC and WDC2 ...