T0053380699, WR 2002 SET DSX 80 / WP 8

PartNumber: T0053380699
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Производитель: Cooper Tools
T0053380699, WR 2002 SET DSX 80 / WP 8
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WR2 Repair Station
A high performance 2 channel repair and rework station, which allows soldering and desoldering or hot air tasks to be undertaken from one power unit simultaneously. Connectable to all Wellers 'High Performance Power Tools range'.

Automatic tool recognition
Simultaneous use of 2 tools
Will drive all Weller 200 W soldering and desoldering irons
Self contained vacuum and air turbine
ECO button for sleep mode
Programmable temperature memory key
ESD safe

WR2002 Set Contents
Power Unit: WR2 (50 → 550°C); 2 ChannelWR2 (50 → 550°C); 2 Channel
Soldering Iron: WP 80 (80W)WSP 80 (80W)
Desoldering Iron: DSX 80 (80W)DXV 80 (80W)
Rest: WDH 10T Safety Rest (Stop & Go)
WDH 30 Safety Rest
WDH 10T Safety Rest (Stop & Go)
WDH 30 Safety Rest

Not suitable for use with Wellers Micro-Tools range.
Please be aware solder wire is not included with this Soldering Station. Why not try RS brand Solder wire? 756-8884

Rework - Weller

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WR 2002 SET DSX 80 / WP 80 230V F/G

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WR 2 Digital 2 Channels Repair Station Data Sheet