T0054466699, RTW 9 soldering tip 3.0x1

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T0054466699, RTW 9 soldering tip 3.0x1
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RTW Series for WXMT/WMRT

These slim tweezer soldering tips from Weller are ideal for soldering and desoldering extremely small SMD components. The integrated active soldering tip provides extremely high performance, short heating time and excellent reaction time.
The heating element and sensors are permanently integrated into the tweezers soldering tip, so when the soldering temperature is reduced the tip reacts quickly to the change. This design ensures power is produced at the point of solder.
RTW tips can be used with Weller WXMP, WMRP, WXMT and WMRT.
Weller soldering iron tips are designed with latest industry developments in mind and are developed and tested at Weller's Research and Development Centre in Germany.

Weller soldering tips are made up of:

A high quality copper core that effectively transfers heat to the solder point
Copper core galvanised with a ferrous coating to extend service life of soldering tips
The solder tip itself is tin-plated preventing oxidation
This is all contained within a corrosion-resistant nickel coating
Finally, the tip is finished with a special chrome coating which limits the wetting area, helping to improve accuracy

Weller recommends the use of Weller-branded solder wire to achieve the best soldering performance and maximise the service life of your Weller soldering products.

Штекеры - Weller Tips

Weller Tip to Iron Compatibility
StyleSuitable Irons
LTWP80; WSP80; FE75;
TCP Soldering Iron; LR21 & MLR21 with suitable adapters
D/1WSP80; WP80
K/2WSP80; WP80
S3WHS 40
XNTWXP 65; WP 65
XT/XHTWXP 120; WP 120; WXP 200; WP 200

Инструмент / Паяльный инструмент / Наконечники паяльника /
Weller 3 x 1 mm Chisel Soldering Iron Tip

Технические параметры

для использования с
WMRT Desoldering Tweezers, WXMT Desoldering Tweezers
размер наконечника
3 x 1 mm
Tip Series
Tip Shape

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