TD310ID, Микросхема питания, полумостовой, питание 4В-16В, 600мА, 200нс, SOIC-16

PartNumber: TD310ID
Ном. номер: 8066796900
Производитель: ST Microelectronics
TD310ID, Микросхема питания, полумостовой ...
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The TD310ID is a triple IGBT/MOS Driver with current sense. It has driving capability for pulse transformer. So it is perfectly suited to interface control IC with power switches in low-side or half-bridge configuration. It includes a current sense comparator which inhibits the output drivers in case of overcurrent. An alarm output signals the even to a controller. It also includes an uncommitted op-amp which can be used for current measurement (as an amplifier before the A/D input of a microcontroller) of for other general purpose. Programmable under-voltage lockout and standby mode make TD310 suitable for a large area of environment and application. Typical applications are low-side IGBT and power MOSFET drive in three phase systems, pulse transformer drive and general purpose pulse drive.

• Standby mode
• Adjustable under-voltage lockout level
• Channel paralleling capability
• CMOS/LSTTL compatible inverting input with hysteresis
• Three power IGBT/MOS and pulse transformer drivers
• Uncommitted op-amp
• Current sense comparator
• 7R at 200mA Typical low output impedance
• 1.5mA Typical low bias current
• 0.6A Peak output current capability per channel

Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Драйверы и Интерфейсы
Код: 1218309

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Datasheet TD310ID