THM 6-2421WI, DC/DC Converter Isolated

PartNumber: THM 6-2421WI
Ном. номер: 8120344803
Производитель: Traco Power
THM 6-2421WI, DC/DC Converter Isolated
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Traco 6W DIP Single/Dual Output Regulated Isolated DC-DC Converter - THM 6WI Serie
The Tracopower THM-6WI comes in a DIP-24 plastic package, with high efficiency of up to 88% and highest grade components the DC/DC converters can operate at a temperature range of -40 up to +88°C. The reinforced I/O-isolation of this high performance regulated DC/DC converter complies with medical safety requirements for MOPP (Means Of Patient Protection). This range of DC/DC converters feature a wide 4: 1 input voltage range and an internal EMI filter meeting EN55022 class A, which makes the THM-6WI a reliable solution for demanding applications, such as transportation systems, industrial control equipments, measurement equipments and some IGBT drivers applications.

Ultra wide 4: 1 input voltage
I/O isolation 5000 VACrms rated for 250 working voltage
2 x MOPP Medical safety
Low leakage current ˂2 μA
Very high efficiency up to 88%
Extended operating temperature range –40°C to 88°C at full load
Input filter to meet EN55022 class A
3-year product warranty

UL online certification UL 60601-1

ANSI/AAMI ES 60601-1
2005/(R) 2012
IEC/EN 60601-1 3rd edition

Traco - DIP 1.98W to 8W

Источники питания и трансформаторы / DC-DC преобразователи / Изолированные DC-DC преобразователи /
TRACOPOWER 6W Isolated DC-DC Converter, Vin 9 → 36 V dc, Vout ±5V dc, I/O isolation 5000V ac

Технические параметры

Эффективность, кпд
Input Voltage Range
9 → 36 V dc
прочность изоляции
5000V ac
регулирование в линии
регулирование нагрузки
максимальная температура
минимальная температура
тип монтажа
Through Hole
среднее время наработки на отказ
число выходов
выходной ток
выходное напряжение
±5V dc
DIP 24
номинальная мощность
пульсации и шум
30mV Pk-Pk
Input Voltage Nominal
12 V dc

Дополнительная информация

THM 6WI Series, 6 Watt DC/DC Converters Data Sheet