TNA12CCSE00L, Аксессуар разъема, размер 12, Universal Shielded Endbell, Unsealed Plugs and Receptacles

PartNumber: TNA12CCSE00L
Ном. номер: 8102886272
Производитель: ITT Cannon
TNA12CCSE00L, Аксессуар разъема, размер 12 ...
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The TNA12CCSE00L is an Universal Shielded Endbell for use with size-12 unsealed plug and receptacle. The TNM shielded endbell provides sealing to the connector shell, a cable braid grip and sealing to the outer sheath of the cable. It is made with nickel-plated aluminium housing, grounding ring and clamp nut. It has nylon cable grip and support sleeve, rubber O-ring and cable seal.

• IP67 Protection

Разъемы\Инструменты и Аксессуары для Разъемов
Код: 1186764

Технические параметры

Тип Аксессуара
Universal Shielded Endbell
Для Использования с
Unsealed Plugs and Receptacles

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Datasheet TNA12CCSE00L