TPMR 160308E-47:T9325, Turning Inserts - Ot

PartNumber: TPMR 160308E-47:T9325
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Производитель: Dormer Tools
TPMR 160308E-47:T9325, Turning Inserts - Ot
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Pramet TPMR Insert
TPMR Turning Insert for Use with CTFP Bars.

Excellent for machining Steel and Stainless Steel
Acceptable for Cast Iron

Turning Inserts

Breakdown of ISO Reference

Higher Number = Tougher / Resistant to Impact
Lower Number = Harder / Wear Resistant

TU5525 the New Universal Turning Grade

TU5525 is a truly universal tuning grade suitable for cutting Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and heat resistant Aaloys. There is no need to hold stock of a multitude of grades reducing the cost of inventory and time wasted changing inserts. One insert for almost all applications.

If insert breakage or chipping of the cutting edge is a problem TP2135 may be the answer. Some application do not offer the cutting edge a constant cutting surface whether from a non round part or holes in the part this constant impact on the cutting edge can lead to insert failing. TP2135 is designed to take higher impact loads giving a more secure cutting edge, suitable for cutting steel, stainless steel and heat resistant alloys.

TP2135 a Tough Impact Resistant Grade

ISO Reference
T= Shape N= Clearance Angle M= Tolerances G= Type 16= Cutting Edge Length
04= Thickness 04= Corner Radius E= Cutting Edge R= Cutting Direction

Turning Holders & Inserts
A range of turning holders and Carbide inserts for use on Steel, Stainless Steel and non ferrous materials such as Aluminium and Cast Iron. Organised by ISO Reference.

Инструмент / Токарный инструмент / Вставные резцы токарного станка /
Pramet Indexable Lathe Tool Insert, 3.18mm x 16.5mm, Grade T9325

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