U2261, KR rocker switch mounting

PartNumber: U2261
Ном. номер: 8113502694
Производитель: APEM Components
U2261, KR rocker switch mounting
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KR Series Accessories

End and middle panels housings, which dovetail into each other, enable a side stacked cluster of KR rocker switch cases, to be assembled and positioned into a long panel slot
For mounting end panel housing order RS507-611 and for middle panel housing, order 507-615
A black panel blanking plug 507-318, useful for future switch extensions, is also available
Actuators can be removed with 507-312 tools (supplied in pairs), by placing the 2 claws under the support and pushing as indicated on the arrow on the tool
If panel mounting housings are used, assembled switches can be removed by inserting 2 tools between the switch and panel units, from the rear, to compress the snap in device

IP68 Modular KR Series

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KR rocker switch mounting panel, end

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KR Series Rocker Switch Data Sheet