UC3842BDG, Импульсный регулятор напряжения (КР1033ЕУ10) [SO-14]

Артикул: UC3842BDG
Ном. номер: 43061616
Производитель: ON Semiconductor
Фото 1/3 UC3842BDG, Импульсный регулятор напряжения (КР1033ЕУ10) [SO-14]
Фото 2/3 UC3842BDG, Импульсный регулятор напряжения (КР1033ЕУ10) [SO-14]Фото 3/3 UC3842BDG, Импульсный регулятор напряжения (КР1033ЕУ10) [SO-14]
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The UC3842BDG is a high-performance fixed frequency current-mode Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Controller specifically designed for off-line and DC to DC converter applications offering the designer a cost-effective solution with minimal external components. This integrated circuit features a trimmed oscillator for precise duty cycle control, a temperature compensated reference, high gain error amplifier, current sensing comparator and a high current totem pole output ideally suited for driving a power MOSFET. Also included are protective features consisting of input and reference undervoltage lockouts each with hysteresis, cycle-by-cycle current limiting, programmable output deadtime and a latch for single pulse metering.

• Trimmed oscillator for precise frequency control
• Automatic feed forward compensation
• Internally trimmed reference with undervoltage lockout
• High current totem pole output
• Undervoltage lockout with hysteresis
• Low startup and operating current

Техническая документация

UC3842BD datasheet
pdf, 370 КБ

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Datasheet UC3842BDG
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