UC3843BN, Шим-контроллер импульсных БП [DIP8]

Артикул: UC3843BN
Ном. номер: 2059703260
Производитель: ST Microelectronics
Фото 1/3 UC3843BN, Шим-контроллер импульсных БП [DIP8]
Фото 2/3 UC3843BN, Шим-контроллер импульсных БП [DIP8]Фото 3/3 UC3843BN, Шим-контроллер импульсных БП [DIP8]
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The E-UC3843BN is a high performance current mode PWM controller in 8 pin DIP package. This PWM controller provides necessary features to implement offline or DC to DC fixed frequency current mode control schemes with minimal external parts count. Internally implemented circuits include a trimmed oscillator for precise duty cycle control, undervoltage lockout featuring start up current less than 0.5mA, precision reference trimmed for accuracy at the error amp input, logic to insure latched operation, PWM comparator provides current limit control and totem pole output stage designed to source or sink high peak current. The output stage is suitable for driving N channel MOSFETs in offstate. The E-UC3843BN can operate to duty cycles approaching 100%.

• Oscillator frequency guaranteed at 250KHz
• Current mode operation to 500KHz
• Automatic feed forward compensation
• Latching PWM for cycle by cycle current limiting
• Internally trimmed reference with undervoltage lockout
• High current totem pole output
• Undervoltage lockout with hystersis
• Low start up and operating current
• Operating junction temperature range from -40°C to 150°C

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Datasheet UC3843BN
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