UCC27611DRVT, ПЛИС/драйвер МОП-транзистора, питание 4В-18В, 8А, задержка 14нс, SON-6

PartNumber: UCC27611DRVT
Ном. номер: 8019257060
Производитель: Texas Instruments
UCC27611DRVT, ПЛИС/драйвер МОП-транзистора ...
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The UCC27611DRVT is a single-channel high-speed Gate Driver optimized for 5V drive, specifically addressing enhancement mode GaN FETs. The drive voltage VREF is precisely controlled by internal linear regulator to 5V. It offers asymmetrical rail-to-rail peak current drive capability with 4A source and 6A sink. Split output configuration allows individual turn-ON and turnoff time optimization depending on FET. Additionally, the short propagation delay with minimized tolerances and variations allows efficient operation at high frequencies. The 1 and 0.35R resistance boosts immunity to hard switching with high slew rate dV and dt. The independence from VDD input signal thresholds ensure TTL and CMOS low-voltage logic compatibility. For safety reason, when the input pins are in a floating condition, the internal input pull-up and pull down resistors hold the output low.

• Enhancement mode gallium nitride FETs (eGANFETs)
• Drive voltage VREF regulated to 5V
• Split output configuration (allows turn-ON and turnoff optimization for individual FETs)
• TTL and CMOS compatible inputs
• Dual-input design offering drive flexibility (both inverting and non-inverting configurations)
• Output held low when inputs are floating
• VDD under-voltage lockout (UVLO)
• Optimized pin-out compatible with eGANFET footprint for easy layout
• 9ns and 5ns Typical fast rise and fall time

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Код: 2307943

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