WFSKIT0, Antex fume extraction upg

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Производитель: Antex Electronics
WFSKIT0, Antex fume extraction upg
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Fume Extraction Upgrade Kit

This is for use with stock no's 542-914, 542-920, 604-551 and 604-545. Can be used in conjunction with many fume extraction systems including complete and portable systems.

Tube Carrier
Stainless Steel Tube
Flexible Tubing
’S’ Clips
Cleaning Brush

Fume Extraction - Antex

Инструмент / Паяльный инструмент / Комплекты для дымоуловителя для пайки /
Antex Electronics Solder Fume Extraction Kit

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содержание комплекта
Tube Carrier; Stainless Steel Tube; Flexible Tubing; S Clips; Cleaning Brush
тип комплекта
Fume Extraction Kit

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Fume Extraction Upgrade Kit