WU7068/11, Stud coupling,3/8in comp

PartNumber: WU7068/11
Ном. номер: 8099207886
Производитель: Delta Fluid Products
WU7068/11, Stud coupling,3/8in comp
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Male Stud Coupling BSP Taper Thread

Прессуемая арматура, латунь - Wade Compression Fittings – Brass, Wade
Wade brass imperial tube compression fittings have universal nuts and compression rings. Their innovative feature is a flat face on the ring, which sits against a similar flat face within the compression nut. When the nut is tightened to the recommended number of turns, the face ensures a compression of the ring square to the tube. This creates a leak proof joint. Wade couplings are suitable for use with most commonly used tube materials including copper, bundy and nylon. Wade compression fittings are produced to: BS2874 CZ121 (Bar Parts); BS2872 CZ122 (Stampings); BS1400 LG2 (Castings).

Водопровод и трубопровод / Фитинги для труб и аксессуары / Обжимные фитинги из латуни и меди /
Wade 3/8in x 1/2 in BSPT Male Straight Coupler Brass Compression Fitting

Технические параметры

тип крепления
размер резьбы
Thread Standard
Threaded Connection
1/2 in BSPT Male
Fitting Direction
Compression Connection Pipe Diameter