XCFF 64X210, Foot plate forXC 64mm bea

PartNumber: XCFF 64X210
Ном. номер: 8028312671
Производитель: Flexlink Systems
XCFF 64X210, Foot plate forXC 64mm bea
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11 420 × = 11 420
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Heavy Duty Foot XC

Provides sturdy attachment of beam end to the floor. Supplied with fasteners to secure the beam, and can be free standing or bolted to the floor. Hole sizes/centres (mm): XC44=9/100, XC64=11/180, XC88=13.5/220.

Опорные стойки и поворотные ролики

Structural profiles Aluminium Structural System

Basic profiles are aluminium extrusions with standard T-slot
Standard components for every field of application
Easily assembled, adjusted and disassembled with simple hand tools
Short time from design to finished system
No welding or painting
T-slots in the profiles simplify installation of electrical and pneumatic components
System offers unique opportunities to find a customised solution for special requirements

Корпуса, шкафы и приспособления для хранения / Конструкционные материалы и поручни / Фланцы, ножки и ролики /
FlexLink Aluminium XC Foot Plate, Beam, 11mm,

Технические параметры

Component Type
Foot Plate
Fits Groove Size
Fits Strut Profile
44 mm, 88 mm
Product Family
Product System
Structural Element Type

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