XK-SK-AVB-DC, Макетная плата, XCORE AVB аудио с последовательным подключением, кабель USB/Ethernet, 4 x XA-SK-E100

PartNumber: XK-SK-AVB-DC
Ном. номер: 8118874058
Производитель: XMOS
XK-SK-AVB-DC, Макетная плата, XCORE AVB аудио ...
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The XK-SK-AVB-DC is a daisy-chain Ethernet AVB Audio Development Platform builds on standard endpoint AVB solution by adding support for daisy-chain network topologies. Incorporating dual Ethernet ports, AVB-DC endpoints may be connected together in a line, reducing installation effort and infrastructure cost, whilst still maintaining the high QoS provided by the AVB standards. Powered by xCORE™ flexible multicore microcontrollers, the AVB-DC reference software is configurable. This allows you to choose the number of streams and audio channels, sample rate and interfaces to external devices. It is even possible to integrate DSP processing and housekeeping functions using spare logical processing cores, providing a compact yet complete solution for a wide range of audio applications.

• Dual 100Mbit Ethernet ports
• Simultaneous talker & listener
• 4-channel Analogue input and output
• 802.1AS - Time synchronisation
• 802.1Qav - Traffic shaping
• 802.1Qat - Bandwidth reservation
• IEEE 1722 - Media transport
• 1722.1 - Discovery and management
• 4-channels In and out at 48kHz, 24bits
• 2-channels In and out at 96kHz, 24bits
• PLL recovery of AVB media clock
• Network topologies - star or daisy-chain, Up to 7 nodes in a chain
• Royalty free software stack - provided as source code

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Код: 2455599

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Тип Приложения Набора
Аудио, Видео
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Содержимое Комплекта
2 x XP-SKC-L2, XA-SK-AUDIO-PLL, XA-XTAG2, XA-SK-XTAG2, PSU, USB/Ethernet Cable Each, 4 x XA-SK-E100
2 x 100Mbit Ethernet Port, AVB Standards Compliant, Star/Daisy-chain Topology, Upto 7 Nodes in Chain