Fixing brackets for backs

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Fixing brackets for backs
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Harting DIN 41612 Connectors Backshell Hoods, Levers and Brackets
A range of shell housings, fixing brackets, levers and related accessories for DIN 41612 signal and power connectors. The hoods have inserts options for side or rear cable entry and include assembly screws. One LH and one RH lever (or bracket as appropriate) is included per set of levers (or brackets), see for instance stock number 482-070 for levers or 482-092 for brackets

Тип DIN41612 - Harting DIN41612 - Harting Range
DIN 41612 connectors for interconnection in all 19in Eurocard racking systems.


Разъемы / Разъемы на печатные платы / Принадлежности для разъемов на печатные платы и DIN-рейку /
Fixing brackets for backshell F/H hoods

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DIN 41612 Connector
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Fixing Bracket
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Type B Shell Housing Product Data Fixing brackets for backs
Type B Shell Housing Product Data