28302, UNITRONIC LIYY 2X0.25

PartNumber: 28302
Ном. номер: 8111331787
Производитель: Lapp Cable
28302, UNITRONIC LIYY 2X0.25
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Unitronic® LiYY Cable_6093121_Normal Module Unitronic® LiYY data cable

Unitronic® LiYY are data cables that have been developed from tried and tested VDE 0812 cables. They are also used as electronic control and signal lines for computers and electronic control devices.

Cable design:

Fine wire or multistrand flexible cord made from plain Cu wires
Core insulation with PVC base
Cores stranded in layers
DIN colour code
Transparent outer sheath made from special PVC-based mixture
Flame-retardant in accordance with VDE 0472, part 804, test type B (IEC 332.1)
Pebble grey RAL 7032

Technical specifications
Minimum bend radius: 15 x cable diameter
Temperature range: -30 °C → +80 °C
Test voltage: 0.14 mm 2 = 1200 V
>0.14 mm 2 = 1500 V
Peak voltage: 250 V
(not for heavy current purposes)
Insulation: >20 GΩ x cm
Operating capacity: approx. 120 nF/km
Inductance: approx. 0.65 mH/km

VDE 0482, VDE 0472, IEC 332.1 and DIN 4700 colour code

Unitronic® LiYY Cable

Data lines (LF) with colour coding in acc. with DIN 47100 Core colours in acc. with DIN 47100

Flexible control and connecting cables for use in measurement, control and regulation applications

Core colours in acc. with DIN 47100
1a white1b brown
2a green2b yellow
3a grey3b pink
4a blue4b red
5a black5b violet
6a grey / pink6b red / blue
7a white / green7b brown / green
8a white / yellow8b yellow / brown
9a white / grey9b grey / brown
10a white / pink10b pink / brown
11a white / blue11b brown / blue
12a white / red12b brown / red
13a white / black13b brown / black
14a grey / green14b yellow / grey
15a pink / green15b yellow / pink
16a green / blue16b yellow / blue
17a green / red17b yellow / red
18a green / black18b yellow / black
19a grey / blue19b pink / blue
20a grey / red20b pink / red

Cables & Wires

Технические параметры

материал проводника
стренги жил
материал изоляции
максимальная рабочая температура
минимальный радиус изгиба
4 x D
Minimum Operating Temperature
число жил
цвет брони
номинальное напряжение
250 V
American Wire Gauge
Cable Shape
Cross Sectional Area
0.25 mm²
Earth Cable
Oil Resistant
Outer Diameter
материал оболочки
Number of Strands
Size of Strands
34 AWG

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet 28302
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