.00461102., Stayplates for rectangula

PartNumber: .00461102.
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.00461102., Stayplates for rectangula
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Rectangular Cable Transits
Made from 6mm mild steel, frames have a standard internal width of 120mm. All have a removable end, which permits retrospective fitting to existing cable or pipe entry through walls or floors. They may be used in either vertical or horizontal fitting applications. A complete assembly will require a number of filler "blocks" chosen from the "U" section types, the "flexible" blocks, and the solid blocks. Also required will be n+1 stayplates, where n equals the number of rows of filler blocks, and a presswedge that finally completes the seal.

The presswedge takes up the same space as a row of insert blocks.

Прямоугольный Rectangular Sealing System

The basic principle of the sealing system relies on the compression of polymer "blocks" held within the rectangular frame
The "rectangular" system requires the selection of a frame - available in five specific sizes - the insert blocks to suit, with a number of stayplates and a press wedge
The stayplates provide for an additional mechanical anchorage between each row of insert blocks, and the press wedge acts as the final compression and sealing mechanism once all the insert blocks have been fitted. The presswedge takes up the same space as a row of insert blocks
A tube of lubricant is also available - this should only be used to lubricate the filler blocks as required, and the internal surfaces of the rectangular frame

A flexible solution to the problem of sealing cables and pipework entry through walls/metalwork or floors.
The transit seal primary assemblies is a rectangular metal frame which lends itself to a broad spectrum of customer-defined applications.

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