11044, Louvred panel spigot,13sq

PartNumber: 11044
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Производитель: Barton Storage Systems
11044, Louvred panel spigot,13sq
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Louvred Panel Spigots

Brought to you under the trusted RS Brand, this selection of square tubular louvre panel spigots and single wire spigots are made from mild steel and have a galvanised finish. They are designed to fit louvred panels and will support cable reels, or other similar items. The Tubular spigots can handle a 10kg load, while the single wire spigots can handle 1kg. Tubular spigots slot into 2 louvres, while the wire spigots use one.

∙ Stock No. 374-1489 is a pack of 5 size 1 Spigots.
∙ Stock No. 374-1568 is a pack of 5 size 2 Spigots.
∙ Stock No. 374-1552 is a pack of 5 size 3 Spigots.
∙ Stock No. 374-1546 is a pack of 5 size 4 Spigots.
∙ Stock No. 374-1530 is a pack of 5 size 5 Spigots.
∙ Stock No. 374-1524 is a pack of 10 size 6 Spigots.
∙ Stock No. 374-1518 is a pack of 10 size 7 Spigots.
∙ Stock No. 374-1502 is a pack of 10 size 8 Spigots.

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Технические параметры

Mild Steel
состав комплекта
1 to 5 Size Spigots (x5); 6 to 9 Size Spigots (x10)
Louvered Panel Spigot

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