028/30P/LA/KP2 SILVER, ИС и гнездо компонента, Серия KINKY PIN, Контакты с Покрытием из Серебра

PartNumber: 028/30P/LA/KP2 SILVER
Ном. номер: 8102088159
Производитель: Oxley
028/30P/LA/KP2 SILVER, ИС и гнездо компонента, Серия KINKY PIN, Контакты с Покрытием из Серебра
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The KINKY PIN series Plated Through Hole(PTH) Connectors designed specifically to meet the demands of plated through-hole (PTH) technology introduced in printed circuit boards. They tend to be used with flexi-circuit termination and as solder terminals, connectors and in multi-way pin arrays. They use unique kinked retention mechanism which gives a fit in the PTH that is unsurpassed. The kinked leg provides a tight non-aggressive spring loaded fit whilst the straight leg ensures the pin is kept perpendicular to the PCB prior to soldering. This Kinky Pin mechanism gives an additional benefit which is a key part of its operation. The slotted design induces wicking of the solder up into the kink and up to the flange which means that the solder joint is solid and free of air pockets. This reduces the possibility of dry joints developing and the life of the solder joint is therefore increased. In our opinion and that of our customers, there is no better PTH solder-in terminal.

• Low insertion force avoids damage to plating of PTH during assembly
• Slotted design enhances solder ability and reliability
• Family optimised for a wide range of PTH diameters 0.508-1.524mm
• Capable of hand and semi-automatic machine insertion
• Vibratory bowl fed semi-automatic insertion machines available
• Self retaining compliant pin for plated through holes in multilayer printed circuit boards

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