0300P1-2-055, Transformer Toroidal 300V

PartNumber: 0300P1-2-055
Ном. номер: 8023890132
Производитель: Nuvotem
0300P1-2-055, Transformer Toroidal 300V
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Open Style with Leads, 15VA to 1000VA
High quality open style toroidal transformers with a single 230Vac 50/60Hz primary winding. Twin secondary windings may be connected in series or parallel or used independently.

Small size and low weight compared with traditional stacked lamination types
Extremely low level of radiated magnetic field and very low induced noise (hum)
Very low iron losses
Double insulated primary leads
100% electrical and flash tested
High quality manufacturing and testing in accordance to EN61558, EN60950, EN60065, VDE 0551, VDE 0550 and BS415

LeadsPVC insulated 150mm long, 10mm stripped and tinned
Secondary Voltage Tolerance<1% at nominal input
InsulationUL recognised Class A 105C
Operating Temperature+40C Maximum Ambient
Neoprene Pads5kV isolation
EN61558 Approved to insulation Class E(120°C)

UL 506; EN 61558

Under no circumstances should both ends of the fixing bolt simultaneously contact the metal chassis or framework as this would create a potentially dangerous 'shorted-turn'.

Full mounting kit

Technical specifications
VAregulationrise indimensions (mm)mountingweight
nominal(%) typ.temp. (°C)Øh*bolt(kg)
1516266031M6 x 400.3
3018407032M6 x 400.45
5014428033M6 x 400.65
8014539338M6 x 50 BA0.9
12010529346M6 x 601.2
16095510542M6 x 501.5
22586011247M6 x 601.9
30086011558M6 x 702.3
50066813660M8 x 703.5
62556713668M8 x 804.3
80056916260M8 x 705.1
100057216270M8 x 806.5
* Leave 4 mm more for clearance, and 5 mm more where conductors come out

Power Supplies & Transformers

Технические параметры

Secondary Voltage Rating
2 x 55V ac
номинальная мощность
прочность изоляции
4.5kV ac
число выходов
минимальная температура
Secondary Current
максимальная температура
115 Dia. x 58mm
Maximum Operating Frequency
Primary Voltage Rating
230V ac
тип выводов
Copper Conductor Termination Wire

Дополнительная информация

RS0300P1 Series Transformer, toroidal, Open Style300VA, Data Sheet 0300P1-2-055