705191, 30mm Reflector Nozzle

PartNumber: 705191
Ном. номер: 8099568495
Производитель: Steinel
705191, 30mm Reflector Nozzle
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Steinel Heat Gun Accessories
A range of professional heat gun accessories from Steinel. Designed for use with various Steinel hot guns including the HG2300EM and HL 1920E models.

75 mm Surface Nozzle
Evenly spreads air over a large area making it ideal for drying filler, stripping paint or removing plastic films.

75 mm Window Nozzle
Designed to deflect the delivery of air to prevent panes of glass from damage.

30 mm Reflector Nozzle
Ideal for soldering pipes, fitting heat shrink, and bending pipes.

Heat Guns CdS cell, NSL series, Silonex


Технические параметры

Поддерживаемая мощность в ваттах
2200 (HG 2120 E, HG 2220 E) W, 2300 (HG 2320 E) W
30 mm
Reflector Nozzle
Максимальная рабочая температура
+630 (HG 2120 E, HG 2220 E) °C, +650 (HG 2320 E) °C
только новые товары

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet 705191