09-4223-00-04, 693 Series 3+PE Panel Plu

PartNumber: 09-4223-00-04
Ном. номер: 8065681145
Производитель: Binder
09-4223-00-04, 693 Series 3+PE Panel Plu
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Sealing IP 67_5068212_Normal Module Waterproof connectors series 693

Range of connectors compliant with standard VDE No. 2751, which means they can be used in instrumentation, medical applications, machine tools, robotics, etc.
Because of the materials used for the housings and the contacts, these connectors can be used in harsh environmental conditions.
They are waterproof according to standard IP 67, and their materials are flame-retardant according to UL 94-V0.
Screwed locking.
Connected via solder terminals for 6-contact models, via screw posts for 3-contact models.

Technical specifications
Type: 3 + T6 + T
Contacts: Screw fittingSolder
Nominal current: 16 A10A
Rated voltage: 380 Vac220Vac
Contact resistance: < 10="">< 10="">
Insulation resistance: > 10 6 MΩ> 10 6 MΩ
Cable cross-section: 2.5 mm 2 0.75 mm 2
Cable diameter9 mm9 mm
Operating temperature: –40°C to +100°C

ref.no. of
Male plugsFemale plugs
99-4221-00-0499.4222.00.043 + T
99-4225-00-0799.4226.00.076 + T
Male socketsFemale sockets
09-4223-00-0409.4224.00.043 + T
09-4227-00-0709.4228.00.076 + T
08.2301.000.000For male socket
08.2302.000.000For female socket

Binder RD24 Power Connectors - Series 692 and 693


Технические параметры

Род контакта
материал контактов
покрытие контактов
номинальный ток
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
тип монтажа
Panel Mount
число контактов
способ концевой заделки
Screw Down
номинальное напряжение
400 V
Body Orientation

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet 09-4223-00-04