9000005104, Han (R) metal special cab

PartNumber: 9000005104
Ном. номер: 8085092003
Производитель: Harting
9000005104, Han (R) metal special cab
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Special Cable Clamp... Special Cable Clamp with Bellmouth Cable Fitting and strain relief

Clamps for PG 11, PG21 and PG29 are shown at top left of illustration – clamp for other PG sizes shown at top right. The multiple seal available seperately consists of the three components shown at the bottom of the illustration.

Дополнительные комплектующие (для эксплуатации в тяжелых промышленных условиях)


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Heavy Duty Power Connectors, Standard Han® hoods and Housings
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Cable Glands metal
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Datasheet 9000005104
Special Cable Clamp with Anti Twist Device Assembly Details 9000005104