9142240303, Hinged frame HMC 24B 6 m

PartNumber: 9142240303
Ном. номер: 8029551412
Производитель: Harting
9142240303, Hinged frame HMC 24B 6 m
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Han HMC Hinged Frames
Han® HMC hinged frames in a variety of sizes, for use with Han HMC inserts hoods and housings. The Harting Han HMC range has been designed to cater for industrial, medical, test engineering applications and many more with their high demand for connector mating and disconnects.

For inserts see 874-3512, 874-3493 and associated ranges, for hoods and housings see 874-3613 and range.

Han HMC Connectors
The hew Harting Han HMC is the first rectangular connector designed to deliver a consistently reliable performance for 10.000 mating cycles or more. The Han HMC connector range optimized for signal and power is ideal for applications in medical, laboratories, engineering testing facilities, where devices and machines are often disconnected and reconnected several times a day. The Han HMC range also suits modular machine construction and automatic tooling systems, without incurring significant wear. Han HMC connectors are enhanced Han industrial connectors, so any device that can use a Han connector can switch to the same size Han HMC without modification.


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6 Modules HMC Connector, Hood, Housing
Accessory Type
Hinged Frame
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Hinged frame HMC 24B 6 modules (A..F) 9142240303