9300100302, Low panel mnt hsg.,10B f

PartNumber: 9300100302
Ном. номер: 8033959253
Производитель: Harting
9300100302, Low panel mnt hsg.,10B f
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Hoods and Housing (6) Hoods and Housings

Metal bodied, with options of one or two locking levers on the hoods, and bulkhead or surface mounting housings

Only the Housing stock no. 114-7964 can be used with the Han E AV series.


These connectors should not be mated or unmated under electrical load. Connectors of the same or different types arranged in a line should be polarised to prevent the possibility of wrong connection.

Серия 6 - (Harting, типорезмер 10B) Range 6 - (Harting Size 10B)
These hoods and housings are compatible with appropriate inserts from the Han DD®, EE, E, ES, EAV, Com and modular series. The 'compatibility' table associated with item types 1 and 2 details that relationship by indicating the specific Harting insert series, together with a stock number typical of each insert range.

Inserts to Hoods and Housings
InsertsHan DDHanEHan ESHan EEHan ComHan E AVHan Modular
Poles42+PE10+PE10+PE18+PE8/24+PE10+PE3 modules
Inserts (typical RS stock no.) 129-3130 114-8232 172-8513 282-9162 398-3122 365-1954


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Han B
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Dimensional Drawing 09 30 010 0302 Bulkhead mounting 9300100302