9300240462, Connector, backshell, Han

PartNumber: 9300240462
Ном. номер: 8091119531
Производитель: Harting
9300240462, Connector, backshell, Han
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Han E screw series_5082235_Normal Module Double vertical output Han covers

Double vertical output Han covers.
PG outputs designed for standard metal cable glands or Harting cable glands specific to these covers (see "Han Series accessories" 1 st code 181-0971 ).
Can be used with two separate cables rather than one large one, or for separating electrical cables from pneumatic tubing during use as a modular connector.


Серия 10 - (Harting, типорезмер 48B) Range 10 - (Harting Size 48B)
These Range 10 hoods and housings are a wide bodied version of the Range 8 types and take two inserts of each size and are compatible with appropriate inserts from the Han D®, DD, E, ES, EE, Com, D AV, E AV and Modular series. The 'compatibility' table associated with item type 1 details that relationship by indicating the specific Harting insert series, together with a stock number typical of each insert range. Note: Two inserts or two 'frames' from the Modular series of Han 'Size' 24B are accommodated within these 48B housings.


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Han B

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Han 24B-gg2-21 Hood Drawing 9300240462