9320006208, Han HsC Female Crimp Cont

PartNumber: 9320006208
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Производитель: Harting
9320006208, Han HsC Female Crimp Cont
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Han-Com®, Han D®, Han DD® and Han® E Crimp Contacts
A range of high quality turned crimp contacts for Han-Com®, Han D®, Han DD® and Han® E inserts. The appropriate parallel action crimp to tool is also available for optimum crimp quality, as is the appropriate service crimp tool.

∙ The parallel action crimp tool offers optimal crimp quality and features a rotating locator. See stock number 114-7706.
∙ For service and small assembly, the service crimp tool is offered complete with locator. See stock number 313-6607.

Han-Com® inserts have mixed power and signal formats. A typical identifier is '4//2' which means there are 4 power contacts and 2 signal contacts. The current rating is different for each type of contact within a particular insert.


These connectors should not be mated or unmated under electrical load. Connectors of the same or different types arranged in a line should be polarised to prevent the possibility of wrong connection.

Han-Com Signal and Power (Crimp and Screw) Han-Com® Signal & Power (Crimp and Screw)
These Han- Com® inserts are available in current ratings from 10A to 100A. They are intended for use typically with hoods and housings; RS stock Nos. 181-0561, 181-0741, 181-0785, 363-8535, 363-8585 and their associated ranges. These hood and housing ranges are associated to a specific Harting 'Size' number identifier

Hood and Housing relationship
Poles4//0 & 4//24//8 & 6//66//12 8//24
RS Range Nos7 & 98 & 107 & 96
Harting ’Sizes’16B & 32B 24B & 48B16B & 32B10B
Typical Stock Nos 181-0741 & 363-8535 181-0785 & 363-8585 181-0741 & 363-8535 181-0561


Технические параметры

число контактов
Han 40A Crimp, Han C, Han CC, Han CD, Han Com, Han HSC
Han Contacts
Accessory Type
Crimp Contact

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Datasheet 9320006208
Han HsC Female Crimp Contact 10 AWG