933016270202, Han E 16P+E insert for sk

PartNumber: 933016270202
Ном. номер: 8006081899
Производитель: Harting
933016270202, Han E 16P+E insert for sk
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Han E® 16A Crimp Series
Harting contact inserts have a wide range of uses. Inserts are selected according to the desired number of poles and voltage and current ratings.

Current rating 16A
Working voltage 500V
6 to 24 poles
Crimp contacts must be ordered separately – option of 1.5mm² and 2.5mm²

The parallel action crimp tool requires locator stock no. 114-7920


These connectors should not be mated or unmated under electrical load. Connectors of the same or different types arranged in a line should be polarised to prevent the possibility of a wrong connection.

Серия Han E 16 A, обжим Han E® 16A Crimp Series
These Han E® inserts are rated at 16A. They are intended for use with hoods and housings contained within ranges 5, 6, 7, & 8. These hood and housing ranges are associated to a specific Harting 'Size' number identifier. See the 'compatibility' table for details of this relationship, and stock numbers of hoods and housings that are typical of each range.

Poles6P + E10P +E16P + E24P + E
RS Range No5 678
Harting ’Size’6B10B16B24B
Typical Stock No. 181-0533 181-0561 181-0741 181-0785


Технические параметры

номинальный ток
число контактов
число рядов
полярный формат
Han E
размер резьбы
M3 x 10
номинальное напряжение
500 V

Дополнительная информация

Dimensional Drawing 09 33 016 2702 Female insert, Han 16 E 933016270202
Han 16E / Han 15ES / Han 16ESS Technical Characteristics 933016270202