9692870060, Pneumatic male contact st

PartNumber: 9692870060
Ном. номер: 8045301277
Производитель: Harting
9692870060, Pneumatic male contact st
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Pneumatic Contacts
These Pneumatic contacts allow the introduction of pneumatics into combination D-Type connectors ideal for use in Industrial and Automation applications.

Range covers 2-4mm inner diameter
No tooling required for assembly

Part Number Ref: Ø aØ bØ cØ d
09691870060 & 096928700601.45 mm2.6 mm1.5 mm0.95 mm
09691870061 & 096928700611.65 mm3.1 mm2.0 mm1.65 mm
09691870062 & 096928700621.65 mm3.4 mm2.3 mm1.85 mm
09691870063 & 096928700631.65 mm4.8 mm3.7 mm2.95 mm

Разъемы типа 'D' со смешанными контактами Mixed Contact 'D'
Mixed contact connectors suitable for making combined signal and power connections. Plug and socket options with solder bucket or 90° PCB terminations. Shell definition: 17W2 shell can have 17 mixed contacts in total. Shell is supplied with 15 signal contacts and has 2 cavities for power or coaxial contacts. Suitable for military, industrial or commercial applications and computer interfacing etc


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Pneumatic male contact straight 2.6 mm Drawing 9692870060