1 X 023314126 &, 2-card DIN rail terminal

PartNumber: 1 X 023314126 &
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Производитель: ABB
1 X 023314126 &, 2-card DIN rail terminal
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Terminal Markers
For standard range of DIN rail terminals. Supplied as cards of 100 and marked 1 to 100 or blank, in 5mm or 6mm pitch. 5mm markers are suitable for consecutively marking terminals of 5mm width. 6mm markers are for terminals of 6mm width and above (see table). A terminal marking kit is also available consisting of the following:

Marking Kit Contents
Stock No.Terminal PitchQuantity of cards marked.
460-553 5mm11
460-581 6mm11
Suitable fine tip marker pen order stock no. 129-2907

Entrelec. Принадлежности к серии 5000


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DIN Rail Terminal
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