1024708, Dosing pump injection val

PartNumber: 1024708
Ном. номер: 8144183084
Производитель: Prominent Fluid Control
1024708, Dosing pump injection val
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Accessories for Prominent Pumps

Selection Table
DescriptionDetailStock no.
Dosing pump control lead, 5m-531-393
Dosing pump wall mounting bracketPPE wall mounting bracket with fixtures to hold one dosing pump size Beta 4 / 5, Gamma L, Gamma 4 / 5.531-355
60ltr PVC chemical tank suction assemblyFor metering pumps Beta 4 / 5 and Gamma L consisting of PVC foot valve, support pipe and threaded connector, two-stage float switch with 3 pin round plug and PVC suction hose. 531-359
Dosing pump injection valve PVT, 6x4PVDF housing, PTFE seals, with non-return valve, hastalloy spring loaded. C spring. Priming pressure approx. 0.5 bar. Extended threaded connection.531-349
Dosing pump foot valve PVT, 6x4PVDF housing, PTFE seals, with non-return valve and ceramic weight.531-333
Dosing pump multifunction valveFor assembly direct onto liquid end of the pump: 1.5 bar back pressure valve with open discharge or positive pressure on the suction side; 16 bar relief valve; admission aid in existing back pressure, no need to de-pressurise pipes; pressure relief, e.g. prior to servicing.531-400
60ltr PE Chemical TankMade of UV-stabilised polyethylene with scale for litres and US gallons and screw cap threaded bushes for single dosing pump.531-337
Spill bund for 60ltr chemical tankMade of UV-stabilised polyethylene with 110% leakage capacity for 60 litre Prominent tank531-327

Регулируемые/дозирующие насосы Metering/Dosing Pumps
For use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food/drinks industries. All have IP65 glass fibre reinforced housings, solenoid drive mechanisms and LCD displays. A comprehensive user manual is supplied with each model.

Plumbing & Pipeline

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