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104031-0811, Раъъем для SD карты памяти

Артикул: 104031-0811
PartNumber: 1040310811
Ном. номер: 9000341390
Производитель: Molex
104031-0811, Раъъем для SD карты памяти
150 руб.
3657 шт. со склада г.Москва,
срок 2-3 недели
от 50 шт. — 140 руб.
от 100 шт. — 129 руб.
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Цена Наличие Кратность Минимум Количество
140 руб. 5 дней, 83 шт. 1 шт. 5 шт.
от 18 шт. — 92 руб.
от 36 шт. — 82 руб.
Добавить в корзину 0 шт. на сумму 0 руб.
Molex micro SD Memory Card Connector - 104031 Series
104031 series micro SD memory card connector with a 1.10 mm pitch and a low profile height of just 1.42 mm. This micro SD memory card connector has a push-pull mechanism for easy card insertion and removal. A reliable card detect switch function indicates card insertion. The metal shell of this connector has an inner lock which provides secure card retention. The terminals have an inner lead design to prevent contact stubbing and provide a reliable electrical connection. This micro SD memory card connector is designed with tight coplanarity features for high reliability during the reflow soldering process. The outer shell is made from shielded stainless steel which provides protection against EMI interference. Retention features on the connector shell provide a secure connection to the PCB.

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