1068-42-000, Visible CW laserdiode,106

PartNumber: 1068-42-000
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Производитель: Global Laser Technology Soluti
1068-42-000, Visible CW laserdiode,106
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Beta CW Series

High quality continuous wave visible laser diode modules comprising of a laser diode, driver circuitry and collimating lens, all housed in a black powder coated brass body. The module body is electrically isolated
Units incorporate a high quality adjustable lens. Standard units produce a highly collimated beam
For the visible lasers the spot size can easily be adjusted by shining the beam onto a suitable target and adjusting the size with the focusing tool provided, making them ideal for alignment, position sensing and targeting applications. 635nm visible modules are 8 times brighter than 670nm modules making them ideal for applications where visibility is important
Line generator units produce a fan shaped output beam with an angle of 16°. The wide angle line generator unit produces a fan shaped output beam with an angle of 106°. This can be altered to produce a fine clean line using the focusing tool provided making it ideal for alignment and profile vision applications
For suitable detectors, refer to the RS range of photodiodes. A replacement standard singlet lens and two types of line generator lens are available and are suitable for use with these modules

These laser diode modules are OEM devices and conform to the emission criteria of BS (EN) 60825. It is recommended that this standard and the Data Sheet are read before these lasers are used. Serious eye damage may result if any laser of 1mW or above is pointed directly at the eye.

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Технические параметры

тип управления
15.25 Dia. x 46mm
Supply Voltage Range
-8 → -12 V
Maximum Supply Voltage
Minimum Supply Voltage
Emission Pattern
Laser Wavelength
Laser Type
Continuous Wave
Optical Output Power

Дополнительная информация

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