10T5/1380, BELT, TIMING, 10X1380MM

PartNumber: 10T5/1380
Ном. номер: 8100848214
Производитель: SYNCHROFLEX
10T5/1380, BELT, TIMING, 10X1380MM
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The 10T5/1380 is a Standard Timing Belt, consists of only two components, a wear-resistant Contilan carcass and high grade endless galvanized steel wire tension members. The excellent bond between the two results in a belt with high tooth load capacity combined with low elastic elongation, making them unsurpassed for quality and accuracy. The Synchroflex process produces close tolerance timing belts to ensure optimum mesh in all power ranges. Synchroflex belt complies with DIN 7721. Suitable for positioning and stepper motor drives.

• Slip-less, synchronous operation
• Efficiencies up to 98%
• Belt speeds up to 80m/second
• -10 to +80°C Operating temperature range
• Chemically stable
• Chemically resistant to ozone and sunlight
• Conditionally resistant to acids and alkalis
• Resistant to fats and petrol
• Extremely oil-resistant
• Hydrolysis-resistant
• High positional and angular accuracy
• Can be welded to other thermoplastics

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