11182500, MC 4/5 Pole Module Contac

PartNumber: 11182500
Ном. номер: 8118400827
Производитель: LAPP
11182500, MC 4/5 Pole Module Contac
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MC 4 Pole HE Module

Crimp termination
4 x H-BE 2.5 Machine contacts included
Rated voltage = 630V and current = 25A

Ассортимент модульных разъемов MC MC Modular Range
The Epic MC Modular range is a highly flexible system of inserts that allows unique connector design within the Epic heavy duty industrial connector range. The system allows signal, power and pneumatic connections to be assembled within a single housing by inserting 2.3, 5 or 7 modules into the relevant size frames. The inserts come complete with contacts and once the size of the frame has been chosen depending on the number of modules required, the hoods and bases can be picked out from the standard H-B range.


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Epic Rectangular Connectors Catalogue 11182500