M71-10-473, BMP71 Static Dissip. Wht

PartNumber: M71-10-473
Ном. номер: 8061231661
Производитель: Brady
M71-10-473, BMP71 Static Dissip. Wht
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BMP71 Static Dissipative Labels
A Brady printable self adhesive label for thermal transfer printers. Made from white static dissipative polyester with a static dissipative permanent acrylic adhesive. These label markers are suitable for the Electronics Industry in applications such as Circuit Board & Component ID, Static Dissipative and Through Hole - Top.

Static dissipative polyester material
Static dissipative permanent acrylic adhesive
UL & CSA approved
Board application: static dissipative, through hole - top

This material is UL & CSA approved with its respective ribbon.

CSA Approved, ESD-approved for IEC 61340-5-1 and EN 100015-1

Printer Systems - Portable


Strips for wires, cables and tubes.
Labels for components, drawers, boxes etc.
Label strips and labels are easily removed from the card and placed on any dry surface without touching the adhesive.

Cables & Wires

Технические параметры

для использования с
BMP71 Label Printers
19.05 mm
Accessory Type

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BRADY B-473 Thermal Transfer Printable Glossy White Static Dissapative Polyester Label Data Sheet M71-10-473