1180-01-0.5A, 1180 thermal automotive p

PartNumber: 1180-01-0.5A
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Производитель: ETA
1180-01-0.5A, 1180 thermal automotive p
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Thermal Automotive Circuit-Breaker, 1180 Series
IEC classification S/TO, Miniaturised single pole circuit breaker with switching (push-push) function. Reliable snap action and trip-free mechanism. The blade terminals fit into the optional DIN rail sockets. An optional DIN rail socket maybe used. The socket has screw terminals up to 6mm² cable. Sockets are 8·2mm wide, 64 x 42·5 x 8·2mm.

Breaking Capacity: 250Vac - 2000A, 60Vdc - 200A
Typical life 3000 (1xI N resistive); 500 (2xI N inductive) Operations

when several sockets are banked together each device should be de-rated to 80% of its rating or over rated accordingly.


Термомагнитные, обратимые Thermal Magnetic Convertible
All CBEs have blade terminals and have an insulation resistance greater than 100MΩ (MegaOhms).

IEC 934 (BS/EN 60 934) definitions
IEC requirements to equipment over-current contact breakers, in which complete short circuit either cannot occur or is limited by back-up protection somewhere else in the system.
Equipment contact breakers are divided into three main types:
RS type - that automatically switches off if there are overloads that require manual reset.
M type - functions as above, but can occasionally be used for manual shut down; is however not intended to function as a normal switch in daily use.
S type - combines overload protection with the opportunity for use as a normal on/off switch under normal load conditions.
Each of the above types has a sub-set with the following trigger methods:
TO - Thermal only. Sensitive to the heating effect of an over-current, because it uses a bi-metal or similar element as a contact breaker.
TM - Thermo-magnetic. A magnetic solenoid in series with a thermal element provides a more rapid response to a large fault current.
MO - Magnetic only. Triggers immediately when an overload is registered.
HM - Hydraulically dampened magnetic. Provides a long range of characteristics for delayed triggering and is mainly insensitive to changes in ambient temperature.
EH - Electronic hybrid. Combines solid state registration of overloads with physical circuit breaking.

Fuses, Sockets & Circuit Breakers

Технические параметры

номинальный ток
число полюсов
номинальное напряжение
250 V ac, 72 V dc

Дополнительная информация

Thermal Automotive Circuit Breaker 1180- Data Sheet 1180-01-0.5A
UL E67320 1180-01-0.5A
VDE 136482 1180-01-0.5A