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1201806000, Круглый разъем, Серия Sure-Seal, Гнездо на Кабель, 4 контакт(-ов)

Ном. номер: 8082100712
PartNumber: 1201806000
Производитель: ITT Cannon
1201806000, Круглый разъем, Серия Sure-Seal, Гнездо на Кабель, 4 контакт(-ов)
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The Sure-Seal series high reliability Circular Connector for use with motorcycles, automobiles, boats and a wide range of demanding off-road vehicle uses. The one-piece resilient body and rugged multiple moisture seals make Sure-Seal® connector a natural for applications where outside contaminants must be excluded. Sure-Seal® is reliable and uncomplicated. Only two parts are required to complete a connector - the connector body and the contacts. Sure-Seal® was developed to address Department of Transportation safety regulations for connectors used in automobiles. Since then, Sure-Seal® has been successfully used in a broad range of environmental applications where a small, low cost connector is needed. This sealed connector meets or exceeds DOT requirements for shock, vibration, temperature cycling, salt water spray and immersion, petroleum derivatives, industrial gas, all the while insuring low milli-volt drop and low contact resistance.

• Wide range of wire gauges and current carrying capability
• Sure-Seal® has a simple one-piece moulded body
• Field serviceable
• Polarized against mis-mates
• Sure-Seal® will seal to the requirements of IP67 and DIN 400 50
• -40 to +221°F Operating temperature range (under conditions of high humidity, severe vibration)

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