121042, Bobbin mount, type B, M8

PartNumber: 121042
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121042, Bobbin mount, type B, M8
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RS Male - Female Bobbin Mount
RS range of elastic bobbin mounts for use as elastic anchoring's and fixings. Suitable for a variety of uses as anti-vibration and elastic suspension mounts. These anti-vibration mountings can be used in both shear and compression depending upon orientation at installation (Data-sheets are available to aid selection for various load and deflection situations). Usable for a variety of applications including, small motor pumps, on-board control panels, measuring apparatus, control cabinets, motor ventilators and washing machines.

Easy Installation
High Elasticity
Can be used with compression and shear loading
Available to suit a diverse number of loads and deflections (see data-sheet for more information)
Male - female stud fitting
Excellent shear vibration isolation capability

RS, Professionally Approved Products, gives you professional quality parts across all product categories. Our range has been testified by engineers as giving comparable quality to that of the leading brands without paying a premium price.

Технические параметры

отклонение сжатия
нагрузка сжатия
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
полная высота
сдвигающая нагрузка
размер резьбы
Shearing Deflection

Дополнительная информация

RS Bobbin Mount Type B Data Sheet 121042