12503, Olflex EB 4 core + E 1.5m

PartNumber: 12503
Ном. номер: 8091703118
Производитель: Lapp Cable
12503, Olflex EB 4 core + E 1.5m
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Ölflex EB Blue Intrinsically Safe Control Cable (unscreened)
Ölflex® EB is a PVC control cable with a blue outer sheath for use in explosive atmospheres with hazard type "i" (intrinsically safe). Complies with DIN EN 60079-14 section 12.2.2 (VDE 0165 Part 1).

Designed in accordance with HD 21.13 that is VDE 0281-13
Conductor: fine wire strand of bare copper to IEC 60228 (VDE 0295) class 5
Core insulation: PVC compound TI2 in accordance with VDE 0281 part 1 (HD 21.1 S3)
Identification: in accordance with HD 186 that is VDE 0293; black cores with white numbers, with or without green/yellow ground conductor
Wrapping: Insulating plastic
Outer sheath: Blue PVC compound TM2 in accordance with HD 21.1 S3 that is VDE 0281 part 1
Test voltage: 3000Vac
Temperature range: -5°C → +70°C (flexible installation); -40°C → +70°C (static installation)
Minimum bending radius: 15 x cable diameter (flexing)
Flame retardant in accordance with IEC 60 332.1
Tested in accordance with VDE 0472 and IEC 60 811-X.X that is VDE 0473

The product is for use in the voltage range: <50Vac and <75Vdc and is therefore not in accordance with the ECD 73/23/EEC (Low Voltage Directive). Compatible connecting glands must be used and correctly installed to meet ATEX requirements.

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Технические параметры

число жил
Cross Sectional Area
1.5 mm²
материал проводника
минимальный радиус изгиба
20 x D
Cable Shape
цвет брони
Outer Diameter
материал изоляции
материал оболочки
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
номинальное напряжение
50 V ac, 75 V dc

Дополнительная информация

LAPP Cable to Gland Cross Reference 12503
Lapp Olflex Intrinsically Safe Cable Data Sheet 12503