130130, Ring terminal, SOLISTRAND

PartNumber: 130130
Ном. номер: 8033386004
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
Фото 1/2 130130, Ring terminal, SOLISTRAND
Фото 2/2 130130, Ring terminal, SOLISTRAND
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The 130130 from TE Connectivity is a SOLISTRAND series uninsulated ring tongue terminal. This closed barrel type terminal stud size is M6 (1/4") and it is constructed of fine grade high conductivity copper for optimal electrical performance. The SOLISTRAND terminals maintain its superior performance characteristics to provide completely reliable operation and to give long service in punishing environments.

• Stud diameter is 6.3mm (0.248inch)
• Tongue thickness is 0.79mm (0.031inch)
• Straight terminal angle
• Plating material is tin
• Wire size range from 16AWG to 14AWG (1.04mm² to 2.62mm²)
• Barrel inside diameter is 2.15mm (0.085inch)
• Overall length is 21.84mm (0.86inch)
• UL E13288 listed and CSA LR7189 certified


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