132-0048, Delrin(TM) plastic tweeze

PartNumber: 132-0048
Ном. номер: 8058559750
Производитель: Anti Stat Esd Control Centre
132-0048, Delrin(TM) plastic tweeze
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Plastic Tweezers

Strong, flexible and durable, glass-filled Delrin™ body and tips
Resistant to commercial solvents such as Nitric Acid, Aqua-Regia, Acetic acid, Acetone, Alcohol etc
For use in electronic, instrumentation and laboratory environments
Tips will not open/spread when extra pressure is applied

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Selection Guide
Model No.P2A (RS 231-7849 )
General purpose tweezer 4 9//16 in. long ´ 7//16 in. at the body tapering down to 3//32 in. wide tapering down to 3//32 in. and 0.009 thick at tweezer tips.
Model No.7 (RS 231-7928 )
For handling precision micro-minaiture parts, 4 9//16>XA>in. long ´ 7//16 in. at body, tapering down to sharp point.
Model No.85 (RS 231-7940 )
Angled tweezer ideal for handling delicate wafers etc, without damage 4 15//16 in. long ´ 7//16 in. tapering down to 0.004in. thick ´ 3//16 in. wide at tweezer tips.
Model No.609 (RS 231-7984 )
For handling semiconductors without damage. Ideal for use with chips, delicate wafers, etc4 9//16 in. long ´ 7//16 in. body, tapering down to 0.008in. thick ´ 1//8 in. wide at tweezer tips.

Устройства из пластмассы, с пластмассовым покрытием и из керамики


Технические параметры

Glass Filled Delrin
полная длина
4 9/16 in

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Datasheet 132-0048