1400620, Cable Ass. M12 3W Str F t

PartNumber: 1400620
Ном. номер: 8049036854
Производитель: Phoenix Contact
1400620, Cable Ass. M12 3W Str F t
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Sensor/ Actuator cable M12 - Valve plug
A range of A-coded M12 3 way female and male connectors complete with PUR halogen free cable, in orange or black, terminating at a valve connector with a selection of valve types (A, B, CI). Some models have Indicator LED, connected with a a Z diode.

Stock Numbers 721-1311 and 721-1314 do not have Z diodes.

PLUSCON field - Valve connector EN 175301-803

Cables & Wires

Технические параметры

Разъем A
Connector A Number of Contacts
Разъем A тип соединителя корпуса
Разъем B
Valve A

Дополнительная информация

Sensor/Actuator cable - SAC-3P-M12MS/1.0-150/A-1L-Z - 1400620 1400620