1401019, Mini feed-through term bl

PartNumber: 1401019
Ном. номер: 8056234499
Производитель: Phoenix Contact
1401019, Mini feed-through term bl
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Mini Feed-Through Terminal Blocks
Professional range of wire to wire mini feed-through terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact

Screw Termination
DIN Rail
Wire to Wire

CLIPLINE COMBI terminal blocks
A highly flexible system of terminal blocks featuring a disconnectable plug-in zone and 4 connection methods: screw (UT), spring-cage (ST), push-in (DT) and self-stripping (QT). The entire range is standardised. These four connections methods can be freely combined to connect terminal blocks and pluggable connectors, whatever their connector type. Both the bases and connectors are protected from coming into contact with hands. Self-stripping connections (QT-COMBI): Wiring time is reduced by up to 60%, as cables need not be stripped.A screwdriver is used to lock the self-stripping mechanism. Spring terminals (ST - COMBI): The connection point is opened using a screwdriver to lever the spring. This technology provides constant contact force for vibration-proof use. Screw connection (UT - COMBI): Universal terminal enabling a multi-conductor connection.


Технические параметры

номинальный ток
число уровней
способ концевой заделки
номинальное напряжение
500 V
сечение провода
24 → 14 AWG

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