1450730000, Schuko socket insert IP65

PartNumber: 1450730000
Ном. номер: 8120785851
Производитель: Weidmuller
1450730000, Schuko socket insert IP65
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FrontCom® Vario Power Socket Inserts
A choice of power socket inserts for the FrontCom® Vario customisable service interface:

897-6955: Socket Insert - BS
897-6999: Socket Insert - Schuko
897-6980: Socket Insert - French
897-6961: Socket Insert - Euro
897-6964: Socket Insert - Italian

All the above power socket inserts are compatible with the FrontCom® Insert Plate (power +2 data): RS 897-6946. The half size 2-pin Euro 897-6961 and Italian 897-6964 power socket inserts can be doubled in that Insert Plate.

Or the Euro or Italian sockets can be fitted singly in the Insert Plate (RS 897-6968 ) which is a frame for 1 half size power socket and 4 data connections.

FrontCom® Vario Customisable Service Interface
Protected service interfaces on switch cabinets allow a wealth of service work to be performed during ongoing operation and effectively increase availability and productivity of your plant. Technicians are assured of fast and safe access at any time to the controller in the cabinet, without having to wait for specially authorised technical personnel. At the same time, the risk of misuse or accidents is drastically reduced.

With FrontCom® Vario, Weidmuller have developed a service interface that sets new standards. Compared with conventional service interfaces, FrontCom ® Vario combines several functions in just one single frame, so it only takes up half the space.

The system is compact, simple to install and can be assembled flexibly. There are various data, signal, power modules and attractive housing designs are available, so you can choose a solution that suits your specific requirements.

A number of unique features make FrontCom® Varo into a particularly safe, fast and future-oriented solution. Maintenance and optimisation processes on your plant are made much more efficient and thus less expensive.

FrontCom® Vario configurator tool: http: //galaxy.weidmueller.com/frontcom

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Технические параметры

Black, White
номинальный ток
Способ монтажа
Panel Mount
число бригад
число полюсов
полная глубина
полные размеры
45 x 40 x 45mm
полная высота
полная ширина
тип гнезда
Insert Power Large
тип контакта
Plug In
номинальное напряжение
250 V
Earth Terminal
International Protection Rating
Minimum Box Depth
Special Features
Fast and Future-Proof, Highest Impact-Resistance, Work Activities Secure
только новые товары
Faceplate Depth
Faceplate Mounting Type

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet 1450730000
Mounting Information Leaflet 1450730000