1469001-1, Разъем, Серия Z-PACK, Hard Metric (HM), 80 контакт(-ов), Гнездо, 2.5 мм, Прессовая Посадка

PartNumber: 1469001-1
Ном. номер: 8117649225
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
1469001-1, Разъем, Серия Z-PACK, Hard Metric (HM), 80 контакт(-ов), Гнездо, 2.5 мм, Прессовая Посадка
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The Z-PACK series 2mm HM (hardmetric) Connector System designed to meet the current and future needs of instrumentation applications giving excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics. It is a high performance, high density system with flexible configuration which offers upgradeability. The connector system is fully supported by Tyco Electronics spice models to guarantee choosing the right product to match the application.

• High density system with small real estate on backplane and daughtercard
• Extensive range of signal, power, coaxial and fibre board-to-board and cable-to-board connections
• Modular units give flexible configuration
• Special versions for VME64 extensions and CompactPCI
• Signal contact rating 1.5a fully energized
• Universal power module rated at 7.8A/line, 23.4A fully energized
• All lines impedance controlled to 50 (single ended) and 100R (differential) nominal
• Safe design, complies with IEC950 in mated condition
• Universal power module is safe in unmated condition
• Several performance levels for board and cable connectors with unshielded and shielded versions
• Mismatching keys block mating before any contact touch
• Small press fit board hole allows maximum track width and minimum signal corruption
• 1.4 to 5.6mm (0.055 to 0.220 inch) Backplane thickness range

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Технические параметры

Количество контактов
Шаг контактов
Количество рядов
Линия Продукции
Серия Z-PACK
Тип Соединителя
Hard Metric (HM)
Тип Электрического Разъема
Материал Контакта
Медный Сплав
Покрытие Контакта
Контакты с Покрытием из Золота
Тип Оконцовки Контакта
Прессовая Посадка
Шаг Ряда

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