15HSV, Chrome plated brass servi

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15HSV, Chrome plated brass servi
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Service Valve and Service Valve with Tap Connector

Chrome-plated brass valves opened or closed by 1/4 turn mechanism, operated via screwdriver slot
Can be rotated out-of-sight, to help avoid tampering
Large thro' bore for maximum flow
15mm service valve used to isolate part of system to allow for repair or replacement
15mm x 1/2 in BSP service valve with tap connector used to connect 1/2 in tap to supply pipe

Фиттинги, вставляемые нажатием, клапаны и вентили SpeedFit Push-in Fittings, Valves & Taps
Speedfit® valves, connectors and couplers, made from Acetal and suitable for hot and cold water systems operating up to 65°C. May be used with 15mm copper or polyethylene pipe. Maximum working pressures are 12 bar at 20°C and 6 bar at 65°C.Unsuitable for use with stainless steel pipe.

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Service Valve
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